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At Moneybee Funding, we build financial technologies for and relationships with small business owners—whether you’ve just begun your journey or have been in business for generations.

At Moneybee Funding, Our sole mission is to give small businesses an equal opportunity to achieve financial success.
Entrepreneurs like you are the biggest job creators in our country. By building products to help you secure the best financial solutions available at any point in your business’s history, we’re not only taking the stress out of your day-to-day, but enabling you to grow.
It’s time you got the trusted advisor you’ve always deserved.

Moneybee Funding has worked with hundred’s of business owners in a wide range of industries. The carefully crafted strategies of Moneybee Funding can help any owner from retailers, service professionals, technology firms to government contractors and medical companies. Whether you are running a startup or an already successful company looking to expand the content and strategies provided by Moneybee Funding will have you on your way to achieving your goals

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We’re passionate about getting Main Street entrepreneurs (like you!) the financial access needed to thrive. If you or someone you know is serious about really, truly putting the little guy first, we want to hear from you


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Our diverse and expansive lender network ensures we offer you a full range of funding options.


We partner with other leading small business brands to help their customers financially succeed.

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